Event Registration Form (2013-14)

For Eisel Music Studio


_______ October 4 High School Pizza Party/Recital

________October 5, Middle/High School Piano Recital/Pizza Party

 ________October 5, Elementary Grades Piano Party Recital

________October 20, 21 Fall Festival/ $17, $20 or $22

 ________January 31, High School Pizza Party/Piano Recital

 ________February 1, Elementary Grades Piano Party/Recital

 ________December 15, Music at the Mall, $8

 ________ February 23, Federation Festival, $25

 ________April 27, Arizona Study Program, $30



Parent Signature:______________________


Please enroll my student for the above event.  I understand that the registration fees are non-refundable. If student has prepared inadequately, he/she will not be entered into the event, since all events require adequate preparation.


Please make one check payable to Jenni Eisel. Thanks!


Registration form due by  September 10